My Day

My Day #13 

Today was a really Was a really long day for me. I work up at  


Which is that time he gets home from work. He wanted to lay down with me and sleep but I didn’t go to sleep I stayed up and read my bible. 

I have been doing this for a while now. I’m really happy that I started. I’m learning a lot about God. Today I read Numbers Chapters 23-25.

Then I got up and wash my face and hoped in the shower. 


Got dressed and ran 3.5 miles  


Made me some breakfast. While listening to a Lakewood Church service by Pastor Nick Nelson. 


It was a very good service. Every time I watch a service I feel like they are talking to me and when I’m going through at the moment I love it. 

I worked on my  “To do, Brake down List” 


I also worked on my blog post ideas for the rest of the week. 

  1. Carry on bag must haves
  2. May Monthly Favorites 
  3. Things I can’t live without for the month of May
  4. My experience In GA
  5. Empty files

I hung out with my friend Amelia and her son Jason.   

 Lol silly pics  gotta love them. 

We ran 5.35 miles today.  

It was such a nice day so we stayed abd played baseball. 

 And we cooled down with some wine lol. I’m going to miss hanging out with them come Sunday but I have some time till then so I’m going to enjoy the time we do have. 


I came home and did some reading. 


Now I’m home. I’m going to end my night by training my brain,practicing my French and watching A Diffrent World on Netflix.

Well that’s it for this post I hope you liked it.

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