Empty Files

Empty files #4 

Hey I’m getting ready to leave on Sunday so I thought I would give you my last Ga Empty Files. Some of these you have seen in other # Empty Files meaning I couldn’t  get enought of it. So let’s get into it.

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So you have seen these products already. I was done with the first one I knew I had another one some where. I was right I found it it was just about done and heading for the empty bag.  It had just enough product in it to do one  re twist. Then it was right back in to the empty file that good Hicks Edges.  

Hair Food by CIAIROI. Honey apricot fragrance in these hair mask. It’s inspired by a pampering, relaxing ingredients to help hydrate and condition your hair. When I was sent this product I was really happy because my hair was really dry. I was really happy when the company sente this product because it was needed and nothing seem to work at that time. I Reyes the product and it helped me get the moisture back into my hair. It smell really good.  

Jamaican Castrol Oil I love this stuff. I can’t wait to restock on this product when I get back home. You can use his products for a lot of things like..

  • Scalp infections
  • Dry skin
  • To thicken your eyebrows
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Helping your hair grow

Personally I use it for the last three points.  


Summer’s eve cleansing wash this is a must have product for me. This is walrus in my empty files post. 

  • PH balance
  • Dermatologist & Gynecologist tested

Gentle Skin Cleanser is  similar to the product cetaphill. I haven’t tried the product cetaphill  but this product worked miracles.  

  • For all skin types
  • Gental formal softens as it cleans
  • Great for daily make up in the whole


Oil-free Moisture with SPF 15 this was a great products. I would definitely try this again and I definitely have to get it before I go to camp.  



I’m finally done with all my tall Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist. This one is called pure seduction. Red plum and Freesia make it smell combination is great. 


Black Raspberry Vanilla by bath & body works. Is smells like vanilla heaven with a small splash of raspberry.

  • Triple moisture
  1. Conditioning milk protein
  2. Hydrating rice bran oil
  3. Protective acai berry extract
  •  Deep 24 hour moisture 

It’s nice and creamy and it smells in the small stays on your scan for a while which I love.I need to go and see if they have more of this lotion.  



Pomegranate & Berry you have seen this product over and over again in my empty files. It’s that good so no wonder why keeps showing up. 

  • 25mg of resveratrol
  • 500% DV of Vitamin B12
  • 150% DV of Vitamin C 
  • Only 80 Calories

Yucatan Guacomole 

  • 95% Avocado 
  • 5% Spice

It was really good. Nothing on my moms  guacamole..but it was a really good packaged guacamole. I like that the spice wasn’t too overpowering although I do like spicy stuff. I would definitely buy this guacamole again. 


The last product is Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I really don’t eat cereal for breakfast  that much but if I did this would definitely be it. I love the way that it makes my milk all sweet from the cinnamon from the cereal itself. 

  • 130 cal
  • 0.5 sat fat
  • 180 sodium 
  • 9g of sugar 


Well that’s it for this post I hope you liked it. 

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