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My experiences in Georgia part 1 of 2

As I get ready to leave to move back home. I thought that my experiences in Georgia (Ga) would make a great post. So this is my experience with learning more about myself, love and my life experiences here in Ga. Let’s get into it.  

1. Why did I move to Ga?

Well I have always wanted to get out of California for a while. I felt like it was time for a brake. I love Cali. A lot of things happens to my family in Cali and I really needed to be gone for a while. Never thought I would do it but I did. Never thought it would have been Ga. At the time in my life I was in a 3 year relationship that was long distance he was in Ga and I was in Cali. 


So being this far apart for the first 3 years was hard. We had fights but it was because we wanted to be with each other. So I was thinking about getting a brake from Cali and he was out of state. Killing 2 birds with one stone. I moved ✈️ to Ga.

No one knows this fact but as soon as the  plane took off. I cried 😔. I was in tears 😢😪. When Pie was in the sky I let all my feelings come out. I’m getting a lil emotional typing this right now. That feeling of being terrified, scared, alone with all most all of my things. I love my family so much

  My mom and my sister are my best friends. 


  I didn’t like the fact that I would be leaving and being so far away from them and my brothers  

  my niece.  

 my nephews. 


  It was just crazy to think about. Now you know my deep dark secrets. 

2. How did you feel once you landed in Ga?

I felt like an outsider lol to be honest. I was scared and excited about the new journey that I was on. Happy to finally be with him. We were finally going to spend time together. I had my list of all the things I wanted to do while here in Ga. 

  • Make new friends
  • Find a job
  • Get back into school
  • Start working on my beanie business 
  • Hangout with him
  • Start going to church & bible study
  • Work on not being so shy
  • Experience a new state 

3. Expectations VS. Reality 

My thought of what I wanted to happen and what really went down. 

Finding a job  

 Expectations: I have all these years in working with kids. From the age of 14 and maybe even younger than that. I should be able to find a job working with kids. Putting in applications and calling in to check if they looked at my application.

Reality:  No you need  a degree.. We don’t care if you have experience working with kids and if your a nanny. We haven’t started to look at applications just yet.

Making Friends  

 Expectations: I’m a really nice person. With a good heart and head on my shoulders. I should be able to find friends in Ga. I just have to go different place and make friends.

Reality:  You don’t have a license so going places if he isn’t willing to drive you or take you places is a no go. The only people your around are his family. The neighbor you say hi 2 and talk every blue moon is also a Virgo and shy just like you. It might not happen. 

Going back to school  


Expectations: Pick a school that’s close to the house, Call my high school and get my transcripts, pick my subject(s) and start school. 

Reality:  They can’t send my transcripts. I have to fly back and get them. The classes I want to take are both close to me and the other half is really far away from me and I have no car. And the schools need my transcripts for me to start.

Getting my license   

Expectations: Having him be supportive and teaching me the rules of the road for the state of Ga. Me passing my test. Getting my license and dropping him off at work and having the car for the day. I would go to different places and meet new people. 
 Reality: He wasn’t really supportive. He was a bad teacher. He didn’t keep his promises to let me drive everyday. He hated the fact that I would have to drop him off to have the car. I really think he didn’t want me to have the car and meet new people. 

Working on my business  


If you didn’t know I have a small one persons business called Besos’s Beanies & Scarves  


Expectations:  I live in a cold place and it snows. I should have no problem selling my beanies and saving up some money to get my laptop or money for a car.

Reality: I wasn’t able to sell any of my beanies because I couldn’t advertise in our apartment building. He also said he would do word of mouth to get people interested and he didn’t I did as much as I could but I still have a lot of beanies. 

Having time with him  


Expectations: Finally being in the same space for the first time in years. I wanted to get to know him more. See if we would talk like we did when that’s all we could do. I wanted to go on dates. Finally celebrate our anniversary together. I wanted us to do special and romantic things for each other.

Reality: He was always tired ( which is understandable) but he always found time to be on his phone and play the games. We didn’t really go out on dates. He didn’t do anything romantic. When ever I would do something romantic he was always late and was mad that I was mad and then the mood has passed. 

Going back to church  

Expectations:  I wanted to start going to church again. Attend bible study. I wanted to read the bible. I wanted to get baptized again. I want to get my own bible and to joining  a church.

Reality:  I joined his church. We both wanted to get baptized again but it didn’t happen. We went to church 3 time when I moved out here . I started to watch Lakewood Church Services online. No bible study. I’m reading the bible now. I have to wait and get my own bible when I get home. 

Working on not being shy  

   Me then ⬇️                  Me now ⬇️


Expectations:  I wanted to talk and be friends with my neighbor. Put myself out there by starting a blog and a YouTube Channel. Be more active on my social media accounts.

 Reality:  I’m now good friends with my neighbor. I’m so happy about that. We talk,hang out with her son Jason who likes to shoot me with toy guns lol, we workout and drink 🍷 wine. I started my blog: InTheLifeWithAyo. You guys have been such a huge part in my evolution from a very shy women to who I am now. You show me so much Support & Love. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of supporters. I am now more active on my social sites. I’m now postings on all these Sites/Apps  


  1. Facebook: Ayo N. Jenkins (Mines/ Group) 
  2. Instagram: @LifeWithAyo
  3. Tumbler: InTheLifeWithAyo
  4. Twitter: @Lovingmylife07
  5. SnapChat: LifeWithAyo
  6. BurnThis: @LifeWithAyo
  7. PumpUp: @LifeWithAyo
  8. Yos: @LifeWithAyo
  9. YouTube Channel 
  10. My blog:

Yes I still don’t know what to say at times ( still a lil shy)  and my internet goes crazy on me and I can’t post. I’m really proud of myself. Especially with the last two. My Blog and my new YouTube Channel.  If you haven’t watched my YouTube Channel intro please go and watch it. Here is the link let me know what you think and give me some pointers.

Experiencing a new state  


Expectations: Is that we would do a lot of fun stuff like fairs and carnivals. I’m new to this state so I would go and see things I couldn’t  see in California. We talked about going to museums in Cherry  picking lol. He promised he would take me around.

Reality:  We didn’t really do much. He wasn’t really into trying something new. Always tired. But always seem to have time for his phone and the games. He didn’t keep his word that was bad.

With all that being said we did have our good times that we had more bad than good.

4. What did you discover  being in a new state and living with him and him? 

I discovered that your expectations of what you really want to happen doesn’t always happen lol. It’s seem to work that way for me. We’ll talk for hours it how it would be when We were finally  together. The different things we would try. It all seems like hot air now because it didnt go the way we planned it. Life has a way of biting you in the butt. 

Don’t get me wrong I loved him like no other. Maybe I loved him too much.. I don’t know. We had our good times.  I was trying to make it work in the hard times.  I don’t know about how you feel about people giving you there “word”  to me it’s a HUGE thing. If you tell me something I’m going to believe you till you prove to me that I can’t take your word. He knows that about me. He keeps making dead promises. To the point to where I couldn’t take trust his word for anything. That killed me. I couldn’t trust his word.  


Especially when his actions didn’t add up. I’m suppose to trust his and see that action like he does with me. I keep on trying to make it work and remembering the good times.  Yes we have memories that I will cherish. We argued alot and my love is slowly going away.  

 Its hurts to say that but I tried hard to keep it going and I don’t think it’s working. 😔

Well that’s it for part 1. 

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