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Back in Cali

Hey guys sorry it’s been a min after my last post. I’m finally back in Cali with my friends and family. Its been 3 Days after my long flight home. Cali I made it. 

I didn’t really make it to king’s (chunky’s) birthday party on time.  

I did make it to the lil after party lol. King had his “cool kids club” in his room and the grownup talked and laughed . Happy that I was home around family and friends.  

Now when I was off the plane. I feel like an over stimulated child. There were lots of ppl in the streets walking around, SF bumper to bumper traffic, it was loud. Coming from a very quiet and slow relaxed city it’s kinda of a shock to go to a loud fast moving state and city like where I moved. 

The link to my very first Vlog is down ⬇️ below. I posted the other day please go and check it out. Like, comment, share  and subscribe to my channel.
I moved back home. 

  To my family moving to a new house. 


I’m not saying this like I hate it. I’m actually really happy. Yes it’s stressful but I’m with my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy to be back home. 

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