Moments in my life

A New puppy

I found out that my family was getting a puppy.  I  was so excited. I was finally getting a puppy… Well my family was getting a puppy.  


Getting a dog has been on my list for the longes time. I love dogs. I was mad that we would be getting the dog after I left. I was very happy to find out that I would be able to hangout with the dog on the night I was leaving which was last night.  I fell  in love with the dog instantly.  


Name:  Zion Nzinga 

Age: 8 weeks

Sex: F 

Like I said I fell in love instantly.  

I got to go to go and get all of her  her are the things we got for Zion. 

So she can sleep outside. I really don’t want her to sleep outside.. But my mom does. 

  We got her training pads.  
We also got her a huge bag of puppy food. 

Toys , food and water bowl, Puppy wash and a spray that will help Zion go in one spot. 

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I have been moving and moving again now I’m on my way to work. I will be posting when I can so just know that . I’m hoping to be able to post 2 or 3 day of the week. 

Well that’s all for this post. 

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