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A mini life update 

Hey there everyone. I’m back to blogging. Not every day because I’m still working for the summer. I know I haven’t blogged in a min a lot has been going on. 

So I thought I would give you a mini life update. 

Where are you living now??

Well I’m back in Cali. Living with my family. I’m REALLY REALLY happy that I moved back home to Cali. 

Where I can work on everything I want to work on.    

 What are you doing for work?? And what do you do??

I’m still working at Camp Winnarainbow Summer Camp. The best place on earth to me.  I’m the Gymnastics teacher, Camper Advocate and I’m a tipi counselor. Today is actually Session D.  



I love camp I get to hang out with the people I love and really be myself.. So I have about 4/5 more weeks of work. I’m loving every moment. Event tho it’s a very hard job at times but I love it.  

 How is your fitness journey going??

I don’t remember if I told you but I’m now going back to pescatarian for good. 

Upside to this change is that It’s been amazing change for me at camp this is the second year that I have soon it at camp. 

Downside is that my family is a meat eating family. Yeah sometimes we make fish and when we do its boom. The other times I have to talk myself down lol… 

I haven’t been working out like I would like. I am working out tho just not as much. 

It’s Session D and I’m NOT teaching Gymnastics this session.. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be more disciplined then I have been but we will see.

My mom said I’m getting smaller.. But I don’t see it. She also thought I was a very thick lil lady when I moved  back. I didn’t see that either but hey. She would know right because moms always know.

“Come on spur you don’t eat that meat….wipe your mouth off.”

Relationships update : I’m no longer with the guy that I was talking with. I couldn’t do it anymore.  I’m thinking about doing a post about it when I’m done with camp. 

I’m not sad or anything.. I don’t feel anything right now I don’t know if that’s a good thing but hey… I guess I was over it before I said I don’t eat to go out with him again or EVER!! 

I had to get a new phone it was just bad and I realized that I was never really happy. So I had to think about myself and be honest and say I couldn’t do it. 

 Puppy update:  
  She is getting so big now. She is afraid of other dogs at the moment lol. It’s really cute.  Shealso started to go to doggy  obedience class. She is doing okay…she is still a lil bitty.

 What’s up with your YouTube channel ??

It’s still going I have been at camp so I can’t really have my phone out during class and stuff like that but I’m currently working on editing the video below. 

” Mini Haul With My Sister” 

I also have 2 other videos up on my channel go and check it out. 

Well that’s all thank for reading and continuing to follow my life. 

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