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Back home after camp 

Well I’m back home after camp for good.It was an amazing summer at camp. 

Of course it had its bumps just like every other summer. For those of you who have read my blogs in the past, you would know.

*That my relationship was on the rocks. Now my 4 year relationship is now OVER. 

* You would know that I planned ALL of my acts for the summer. I got to show them off and put in some hard work so that the acts would be amazing

The ending of a 4 year relationship. 

  Sooo… Yes it’s over. My 4 year relationship is now over. We broke up when I came home from camp set up & training. So long story short he cheated on me.

                I DONT DO CHEATERS!!!

He knows that. He also gave everyone and their mom the attention he should have given to ME his GIRLFRIEND. I wish he didn’t do what he did but hey… Now he has to lay in the bed that he made for himself.   

 Will you two ever get back together?? 
You know I don’t know right now. I don’t want to right now because I can’t trust him. I can’t stand him. At that moment I didn’t even want to know his name. I just wanted to know WHY?? Was I not enough?? Was my love not enough??  
 I have to stop myself from thinking about the many questions I have running around in my head. I also need to stop thinking about where we started and how we were. How we talked about EVERYTHING all night long. To me going to sleep by myself when he stays up to play on his phone, to play on his play station and social media. I NEED to stop because it’s only killing me to think about it… I didn’t step out he did. 
I hope you know how much it hurt me! How much trust I lost when it comes to you. BUT I’m single right now and I’m loving it.  

   I also bleached and colored my hair BLUE this summer 

  How did your shows go??   

 Camp this summer was CRAZY. As you know I planned ALL 5 of the big shows I would have for the summer. I planned it with a very good friend. Her name is Cc. She was once a camper I worked with, she was my teen staff and this year was her very first year as adult staff. I’m very proud of her growth from camper to staff.   

 Big show brake down 
Session A we did “WOLF SOUP”   

 We didn’t get to do this theme because if wasn’t really a “Big Show”.  It was more of a “Mini Big Show” this will be good to do next year.
Session B we did “THE DIAMOND HIEST” 
 well this session they had the idea of one huge camp wide theme for this big show. It had to be something in space or going to the moon for our act soooo… I had my campers take the MOON. It was called “THE LUNER HIEST”. I wanted to highlight my lil gymnast. I picked two little gymnast.

1. The moon taker lead

2. The moon protector that lets everyone know that the moon is gone.

They passed the moon towards the back to the little moon taker. She ran out in front and saying…

“It’s my moon now”

We did have a tiny problem with speed. And a camper got hurt. The parents loved how I handle that which is great.

Session C  we did “GOOD VS WICKED” 

It was amazing. I was so proud of my gymnasts. Again I had two lead characters. 

1. Good lead

2. Wicked lead

The only thing I Changed about this act. Instead of all the “Good” characters turning back to “Wicked”after they ate the apple. The “Good” lead claps twice and they all run back to the good side. Leaving the “wicked” lead mad questioning where they are going.  Ending the show withstand little Good vs Wicked convo between the two leads. 

Good: Don’t you know Good always wins??

Wicked: Every witch has their day 

Then she does her flip and does a sassy walk off of the matts. The parents loved it. They also loved  rolling the apples into the audience. Haha 😂 I saw the parents eating the apple after their kids bit into them.
Session D we did “GOOD NIGHT TIPI” 

Now I didn’t teach this session. I was blessed with a much needed brake. I was also in a co- Ed tipi… Yes I got my first youngest boys tipi. I didn’t sleep in the tipi with my lil guys. I was in my tent which was great. It was a very amazing although I didn’t spend much time inside the tipi. I was out waiting for them to get dressed in the mornings and then when everyone was dressed I helped them clean up. I was outside when they were getting ready for bed and inside when it was time to put them to sleep.  

⬆️ this was my tipi Session D . 😊 They were so cute. 
Session E we did “THE HOUSE OF DOLLZ” 


This was one of my favorites. That’s a lie but this was Top 3. It was all girls and they KILLED IT!! They were the perfect little dolls to ever come to life. The dance section was amazing.  The only problem I had with the show was the face that we couldn’t find the song to download and play. I got a little creative lol and used voice memos. Lol don’t you laughter at me. I didn’t have a choice and I really didn’t want to change the songs because they were perfect for the act. It wasn’t the best but hey the show must go on…. RIGHT??  

My favorite part of this act was the ending…  The dolls are dancing on the matts as my 2 leads are walking back stage talking about how gymnastics class was. 

The girls are finally at the door and lead #2 reaches to open the door ( DOLLZ are still dancing)

Lead girl #1:Wait the dollz could still be dancing..

At the same time she is saying that the DOLLZ say…

DOLLZ: Shhhhhhhhhh!!!! (And DOLLZ collapse)

Lead girl #2: the DOLLZ are no…

This is when they walk around the room with the DOLLZ all scattered on the floor. 

What was the ending to the summer “Take Down” ??

So I love setting up camp and staying till take down. Which is what I have been doing for the past 9 years. Take down was amazing and peaceful and full circle.  

Reflection time :

Head deep down into a trash can cleaning it out. So they can be used to hold the helmets for the campers during the year. A thought popped up in my head…💭

How I never have to do this at my house.  I thought but your at camp and this is what take down is about cleaning up after the summer.  I looked up at all of the now vacant tipies, the EMPTY fire circle. I was hit with so much emotions. 

How I did it. Even with all of the other stuff going on I still did it. I had 3 amazing shows that I’m so proud of. How the kids drove me crazy both the good and the bad way. How I was sad when each session was over. I made it out with a huge smile both on my face and in my heart. 


Camp is such an amazing place to be. I’m truly blessed to spend my summers here. Surrounded by the people who love me just as I am…THE SHY BUT NOT SO SHY PIE 😊



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