My Big Haul Part 5: Dream Book / Other

Hey yall  I’m back with my LAST haul for the moment.

   Yah πŸŽ‰ lol this summer I played with the thought of starting a “Dream book or Journal” and I got some things for me to start. Maybe I will inspire someone else to make a Dream book. So let’s get started.  

This is just a big black sketch book. Where I’m going to put my Goals and Dreams.  


I decorated the from with some positive stickers that you will see later in the blog. 

I also got some gold letters 

Here are the sticks I used in the front of my dream journal. I’m a big fan of quotes. 

I love neon colors. When I saw these I HAD to get them lol. I love sharpies. 


I love lil books like this. This is where I might put my brain dump lol. I know that sounds weird but making this into my calendar.   

See I told you I love lil books like this.  I have a book for my WordPress Ideas, Workouts, YouTube Ideas (From the left to the right)  

I’m trying to be ore organized. I haven’t really been able to do that just yet. 

  I have some old school glue lol. I’m thinking about adding pics to my dream book.

I was thinking about getting another nose piercing and I fought I would get this so I have some fake septum rings.   

And I’m also trying this Tide Color Guard.   

Well that’s the send of my Huge Haul Blog. 😊

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