UNBOX ME 📦✂️ #7: Your Tea

What’s up loves?? 

I’m back with  another UNBOX Me post. Yall it’s a huge box of 🍵 tea. 😍😍😍

Now you know I love my teas. So you can imagine my happy dance when I saw this box. 

The company Your Tea sent me a huge box of tea to try out.   

I know I’m not the only one here on WordPress that is a tea lover….soooo…. Tea lovers unite. 

      Let’s get into this box of tea… 


Tea Brakedown : 

They sent me 6 boxes of tea to try out. And I can’t wait to dive in and take a sip.

( sip curmet the frog sipping tea pic )

#1. Tiny Tea  

Info: This is there 28day TEAtox. It’s suppose to Nourish and gently cleanse your digestive system. Help to reduce bloating, remove toxins, improve energy level and nudge away any surplus weight.

#2. Sleep Tea  

  This is the Sleep Tea. They gave me 2 boxes 😂😂 of the sleep tea how did they know?? 

Info: It will sedate an overactive mind, harmonies your nervous system and etch away insomnia. It nourish your spleen and heart to help achieve an unbroken night sleep.

#3 Energy Tea  

This is there energy tea. I don’t think I need this one but I’m going to need it soon. 

Info: It stimulate and energize your body without causing that uneasy ‘jittery’ feeling. It nourish your blood and harmonize your emotions to leave you feeling on top of the world.

#4 Skin Magic Tea 

Now I’m really excited about trying this tea out. My skin have been going through it again and I can’t wait to see if this will help. 

Info: It reflects internal health. Nourish and cleanse your system so that your body doesn’t push out toxins and waste through the skin. Nourish the blood to better assist the removal of these ‘nasties’ once and for all.

#5  Sex Tea 

 Lol ya they sent me Sex Tea. I have to admit that I’m very interested in what this tea can do . I guess I will see.

Info: It will put a cheeky twinkle in your eye, leaving you needing and wanting more! By invigorating your vital organs, it will help put the ‘O’ in you.

Well that’s it for this post. 

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