Empty Files

Empty Files #5 

Hey I’m here with another Empty Files. Lol it’s mostly drinks because this month is a not soda or juice month…😌but I think I’m going to just say no side month.  So let’s get into it. 


So let’s brake this down. 

Parrot’s Aloe Original 

* I love this drink. It’s very smooth and it tastes amazing plus there are little bit of aloe floating around. What I like to add is Chia Seeds. It give it that extra little kick to something that’s steady mind blowing for me.

   Mango & Carrot Juice 

* I didn’t expect this to be as good as it was. I let my nephew try some and he couldn’t even taste the carrots. So that’s always a plus.

 Cold Pressed Juices

* I got these from a local cold pressed juice shop in my city. I got 2 Baby face Assasin. They were amazing. It’s suppose to detoxify your skin leaving it healthy and glowing.

  Maine Root’s Ginger Spice Brew

* I can’t get enough of this Ginger Brew. I love the ginger fix it gives me. It’s non alcoholic and caffeine free. 

  Reed’s Cheery Ginger Brew

* Same thing with this drink but it’s CHERRY. Yes I did a happy dance in the store when I seen this. No caffeine, Gluten Free, GMO Free, with NO Preservatives.

  Mio Water Enhancers 

* I love these things it’s the perfect compliment to my JugLife and I can truly say that are very happy together along with there kid Chia Seed.

  Slammers Protein & Organics

* Both 7g of protein. They have no added sugar which I loved about it already. The packages get get a thumbs up 👍🏾 very eye catching. They taste amazing. It’s something I can just toss into my bag and go which is always good.

  Emergency-C Immine +plus System Support w/ Vitamin D

* It seemed like everyone around me was getting sick so I got this and I haven’t gotten sick. Great investment on your health if you have things to do and you cant slow down to be sick. 

  Trident Gum 

* What can I say I love gum. Especially during class and tests it helps me to stay focused. 

  Serge to String Cheese 

* I love this company and there string cheese. It’s another great on the go snacks you can just toss this bad boy in your bag and go.

  Krave Turkel Jerky 

* Okay I love this stuff. Great source of protein. It’s taste amazing and it’s another snack that I can grab and go making my life so much easier.

  Olive Miracle Anti Breakage Miracle Oil

* It smells like candy. I’m a sucker for great smelling products. I love how this makes my hair feel. It’s makes my hair  feel moisturize and healthy.

  Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancers 

*  You guys already know how I feel about this amazing product. I have used it for about 2 weeks and I the results are great. I love seeing how much sweat I produced during a hard workout.

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