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What’s new with Ayo πŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

Hey yall I’m here with a “What’s new with Ayo” post.  It’s been a min from my last post but as you know I was in a month long training for my new full time job with AT&T and since then on the 24 of this month I graduated from training 

and I’m now welcomed to sell me bum off. 

It was a hard a hard journey for the month of November. We started off with  10 newbie RSC. It was only 3 girl and the rest were guys.  Everyone had some sales except for 2 people that would be this guy named Jerome and lil Me. So being 1 out of the 3 girls there and not having any experience you know I had to be on my A Game. 

So I had to travel to Pleasanton  Mon-Tue  from 8:30am-5pm 

So I have a hard time waking up early from time to time. So I had to train myself to get up 3am to start getting ready and be on the Bart at 6am and get there with some time to spare you know in case the bus or Bart was running late. The first day I got there around 7:30-7:40am  which gave me time to myself and kind of center me before class would start. So that I was the first to be seen by my instructor. 

 I spent that time by…

* Listing  to music and dance in a huge parking lot and sing my lil heart out with no one there to watch…at least to my knowledge anyway.   Here are some of the songs I have had on replay.. It will be in my next post tomorrow. 

* Going over my Lil blue book with very important info and that’s Our Promise.  

* I took walks  around the area to get my steps up.  

And the last thing  I did to past the time was take selfies and photos. You will see some at the end of the post. 

So after the first 2 days of the week I had to do 3 days in store. No I was the only one who has to work the weekend. That sucked for 2 reasons. 

1. We had to work on modules Wednesday – Friday  which means that I would be 2 days behind as far as Doing the modules and when I needed help no one would remember. 

2. I would be working with no rest before going back in Monday. 

Remember I told you that we started off with 10 people we ended up with 7 people. Our trainer would be calling out people “you know your next to leave up” and then that person would be gone. I’m happy he never said that to me lol. I was determined to graduate.  I wrote it down looked at it when ever I was having a hard time, didn’t understand a thing, feeling like this wasn’t for me and most of all I looked at then when ever my coach would be like “oh you know your next” I would make it a habit and repeat it to myself ” Your going to graduate Ayo” 

Now I have defiantly feel like doing this a couple of times ‡️‡️‡️‡️

The first day in the store I feel like “what did I get myself into.. I can’t do this” πŸ˜” and let me be real I did shead a tear. I felt so lost and hopeless. I had my text all ready to send in our group chat we started as a class. But I kicked my self in the bum and reminded myself of  my goals of graduating. 

This is me and Rae. We were the last girls in the training and me and her clicked the very first day of training. And the one thing I loved about this training was that we wer a family. That made this situation so much better. 

And now I got to graduate.  

Lol we had some laughs, up and down but I feel like I gain a great group of friends.  So as promised here are some photos I took during my  Nov training. 

This was my favorite shot of the month . This was a beautiful shot of the fog. 

I have been on this journey for a month now and it is only the beginning. I can’t wait to go out there and give it my all.

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