About a year ago:2015

Hey I know I’m SUPER LATE with this post. I have been really busy with working and catching up on sleep on my days off. I wanted to start doing this as a way to review the year. I also want to know about your year so your welcomed to do this tag if you want. Lets start.


*I would have to be knowing that I deserved more in life then what I was getting at the moment ( he might not like that lol) after making a huge move to start a new chapter in my life. I realized that I wasn’t getting what I was putting into something.  I made the choice to move back to work on me and hopes that he would be doing the same.

*Getting a job… that has been an up hill battle and I kicked that hill’s bum. I feel so blessed to have this job. I was worried that I wouldn’t get it having no experience. I guess they saw something in me.


*Saving up for the things that I wanted to get the things I want… like my laptop. I am no longer  blogging on my phone lol. Blogging on my laptop is a little bit different lol. I have to learn how to add photos and get photos from my library on this thing… going to have to play with this new toy of mines . I don’t know if you saw the change but I was able to update my WordPress page. Let me know if you like it.


My last accomplishment would have to be that I have been blogging and I did a good job at keeping it going. I know I haven’t been on my schedule like how I was in GA but I’m getting back on it.



The best memories I had in 2015 is living bicoastal.


*Is one that I’m still struggling with is the crazy notion that I have to be perfect at everything.


*I don’t know if I have any huge regrets. I feel like I had to go through what I went through in 2015 to make me better and to grow. If I have to pick it would be that I regret putting other people before me and leaving myself in the dust lol but I’m getting better at that.


*Never to underestimate myself.

*That everything i want to do won’t happen if i don’t put it out there and not care about the judgment that will come with it.

*To be myself no matter what.


*Is to do another thing that scares me or to do something that I’m not so good at… its something that I want to continue from now on.

This year is that i m putting myself out there with Blogging(my WordPress), vlogging (my Youtube channel) and it scares me because I don’t know what people will think. It also  makes me feel like I have to have this perfect life. Let me tell you it’s not going to be “perfect”

*I want to read a book or 2 every month. More of self help books and focusing on one part of my life.

*Learning to put myself first and working on me.

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