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OOTD #20 & My Day #14

Hey hey y’all. I thought I would give you a 2 for 1 today, an OOTD and My Day post. Seeing that I’m always  at work now, I don’t get a chance to do this like I did before. So let’s start. 

For my OOTD I kept it simple with tights, v-neck and my favorite sweater at the moment . Since I started working I’m no long in gym clothe most of the time.


I finally got around to doing my hair. I have wanted to  curl my hair for the longest. I have to be honest I was being really lazy when it come to my hair. This is before. 

This is after… 


 I have been wearing a lot of make up for work. On my days off it’s a NO MAKE UP day on most of my days off. 

I love this sweater and how it fits in me. I also loves the thumb cutouts. I’m just a sucker for that feature in my workout tops.  I got this from one of my lovely customers.

I thought I got the matching v-neck… But I guess not. I still like it and how light it feels. This shirt is from Target.

I love how colorful these tights are. I also love how they have a slight shimmer.the color is amazing on the white backdrop. I don’t have many pairs of white tights. I got them from Target.

 Now I have been wearing my workout shoes to work…so don’t judge the condition of my shoes. I guess that’s what I need to get more of.  I will have to wait for that.

My Day: 

I got up around 7:45 am. I did some reading infront of the heater the book of choice for this morning is….  

Rachel Brathen’s Yoga Girl. It’s such a great book with lots of wisdom. We also get a little info into why and how she started her yoga journey. I need to get back on my meditation and yoga. I thought this book would help motivate me.

Then I meditated for 5 min. After that I went to go and talk to my mom about her day.

Then I got my bag ready to head to Target where I got my  work pants and some more things 🤑. I will do a Target Haul for my next post. 

So I left with one bag and came home with this…. 

Then I took photos for my next blog  which is my Target Haul. 

Then I made my self a salmon sandwich.

If you don’t know about Sriracha Ketchup…you NEED to try it. I love it and I will be doing a Feb Fav Post so keep your eyes out for that post. 

  Then I was off to get king from school. Back home I started to work on my blog post and listen to music.  

To end my night I’m going to do a mask, take my hair down, do my nails which as you can see they need help.  

 Then I’m going watching my favorite show Criminal Minds.   

Well that’s it for tonight’s post Goodnight.

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