Target Haul 

 Hey I’m here with another blog for ya. This one is going to be my Target Haul.. As you can see from the title.
I went to target just  to get more work pants. I think I got more than I needed but hey lol. I wanted to treat myself. 

Let’s start with what I was planning on getting in the first place… WORK PANTS.


 You know I couldn’t stop at  pants. I now needed the appropriate shoes to go with them. So I got 2 pair of boots

 I was on my way out… Then I saw the fitness section.  Needless to say I got some Workout gear.

It’s just a lil motivation for me to get onto the gym…Here is what I got.

Pants and sport bras    



More  Sports bra 




Now I also got Jackets. 

Then I thought I can really use some  Hair oil &  

I mess looking for Carrot oil for my hair but I couldn’t find it. I did find these Hair Products tho 

 I was also low on my Face Products. I had to get some more face product and a found them. 
   Now I needed to get other things like  

I walked by the Perfume section and I had to get some Smell Goods  

I love the way they smell soooo good.  



Well that’s it for this post. 

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