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My day at Sephora β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘„πŸ’„

It was my day off and my mom wanted to get some make up from Sephora.  

 I was also running out so it worked out great for me. 

  She has been doing a play and she did amazing I will add pics later. 

So we went to…..Sephora. Yahhhh πŸ€—πŸ€— 

She was getting help trying to find the right foundation. I was walking around trying to find my makeup so I can get it again. 

It was on the other side of the store..I found it… Along with some other stuff.  

I also got a makeup bag. I already filled it up. I couldn’t wait. It’s all black… I think I’m in  Love 😍 

   When we went in it looked closed but it wasn’t they were just filming stuff.  

 Like I was saying I was walking around trying to find the things I need and I was next to the guy who was filming what ever they were filming and I started talking to him. I then found out that they were working on a tutorial for makeup at Sephora. I thought that was pretty cool.  

 After a while I went back to looking for make up and the director asked me if I would be in the next video.   

I thought that was awesome and that it would be a great opportunity for me. So I was learning about the Kat Von D Foundation.  

 I got a fresh new face to start and  we started talking about the products and the process for the shoot.  We did 10 takes because we had to stop and go and all that fun stuff . I thought it was really fun. I wish I got some pics and videos of the filming. I need to ask the director of I can get them. 

I also got 2 sample perfumes  

 and then I bought 2 which i love .  

Now here are some shots from my mom’s play…  















That’s the end of this blog. I hope you like it. 
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