My Monthly Favorites 😍

My March Favorites 

  I’m finally do a Monthly Favorite blog post yall. I have been saying I would do one and the time always gets away from me. Not this time tho. It’s time to show y’all what I have been crushing on all month long. Let’s get into… 
  It’s not in any kind of order so bare with me lol. 

I loved helping my mother with the play. We had time to bond while going over lines. I was happy I had a chance to go  to see  my moms show. I helped her with her lines more towards the end.. Just in time for the opening show. She killed it and everyone loved the play.  

My Laptop.. I love this  and it’s been amazing to have my my own laptop dmto do what ever own. I wish I had a bag so that I could take it with me to work. I would get more done with it. But I’m fine that it stays at home also. I’m just really grateful that I was able to get it.  

  I’m loving all the different music I’m listening to now that I have a laptop. It’s a huge mix from hip hop, Rap, R &B and other music. 


With music you have to have a great pair of headphones. I love my white and gold Beats. I also use them when I work out. 

Meet my lil marshmallows lol Aka Yayo. I love this dog. He is so sweet, loving and protective. Currently his eye is going crazy but he won’t let me put drops in them. It’s very cute lol it’s like he knows that I need to  put eye drops in his eyes.  
This month I have been into working out a lil bit more. I’m also trying to get back into doing yoga again. So I have been loving my  yoga mat.  


With going to the gym more o have been getting more gym motivation aka cute gym clothing.   Lol so all the Whight hangers is workout clothing.


Lol and no they are not all black lol I just don’t have much solid colors other than black but I also have printed workout gear  . I love the little pops of colors. 

Who doesn’t like working out on cute gym clothes 


To help me get my ribs in check italso helps with my workout. My waist trainer has been a go to for Abs day at the gym.  


I have been loving my new water bottle. Y’all know how I don’t drink that much water. I have to say this has been helping me out with that. I got my mom one because it’s so awesome. I also like the fact that the top has a lock button on it so you can make sure it doesn’t open in your bag of when you drop it.  

I have also been trying to eating a little bit better. In order for me to do that I had to get me something to hold my lunch. I found this and I fell in love  with it right away.  


I have been loving the fact that I can make smoothies again and smoothie bowls. I owe that to my NutriBullet. I’m so happy that I got this for myself. 


Like I said y’all I have been making smoothie bowls like crazy. I have loved having this after a workout with protein and as brakefast on my days off.  


I have been making smithies and freezing them to take for brakefast on my way to work. I had more but hey.  

I’m a huge fruit girl. Frozen of fresh I love it and I can eat it all day.  

I have also been loving putting little topping on my bowls.  Here are some of my favorites to add. 

Now these have been my favorite snacks for this month. They are really easy to eat on my 15 min brakes and my lunches. They are my go to snacks. 

I have been taking my vitamins. I have been liking the  way it makes me feel. If your not taking them I suggest that you start even if it’s just a multi vitamin. Your body will thank you. 


Now one vitamin has gone above & beyond. That would be the Restful Sleep Gummies.  I haven’t taken them every night but the times that I did take them I was sleeping in about 2-3 hours. Which is a good thing because normally it takes me about 3-6 hours or more for me to fall asleep on my own. 

These are also one of my go to meals after a good workout . It’s a great source of protein. 


I love this bag. It’s big enough for all of my things and more. I use to bring a backpack to work that got tired real fast and if had a whole at the bottom m. I didn’t want all of my things to fall out. I just love a big bag.  

Now you  saw this bag in my Sephora Haul. It’s my black make up bag. I love the detail about it and that it fits all of my things. 

I love my workout gym bag. It’s black and hot pink and it holds everything. It’s light weight. It also goes with all of my gym outfits lol.  

I don’t think I told you guys yet but it will have a 2 Blog Posts of it’s own. I wanted to tell y’all that o became a BeachBody Coach. That means that I get to help motivate people and help soothe on their health and fitness journey. That also means that I get to fall in love with this amazing Shakeology meal replacement protein shakes.  

The These are my 2 favorite moisturizer to use night (the blue) and any time (the pink one) I love them. They make your skin feel so moisturized. 


I haven’t use Noxzena in a min but in happy I did. I love the tingling on my face. I don’t know if this is weird if not but I love the way it smells.

The Mud Mask  I love it. It’s something that I do to treat my self and to relax. Kinda like a spa day but in my house lol.


This is the hair oil line up. I use there oils to give my hair what is needed.  It makes my hair grow,shine and smell amazing.


These are my favorite body and make up removers this month. This lotions smell amazing. The sent lasts for ever. The face wipes takes of everything. I love them all.   


 This will forever be in my favorites. I especially like this one. Yes it’s because of the lavender. I’m a sucker for product that smells really good. 
 This was a must this month. My knee was acting up and this was the only thing that made it feel better. Being a gymnast this was my best friend. I’m happy this product found its way back into my life. It’s not going any where. 


Now I know  this looks like Primer but it’s not lol.i needed a spray bottle to have a quick application for my witch hazel. I use it as a toner.  


This was my first time using this product his month. I really like the way it feels on my face. And how it refreshed my makeup. This is definitely a new favorite.

I love these lip balms. They keep my lips nice and moisturized. This is always a step in my morning and night routine.  

I love love love this mascara. This makes my eye lashes. I usually use 2 different masscara. One for my top and the other on the bottom. 

This is my powder foundation. This is a full coverage. If I’m running late this is my go to foundations just add lips and do my brows and I’m done. This is my last thing in my favorite for March. This is my new favorite brow  brow set. I have been getting great results. 

And this is how I look when my make up is done with all the products I was just talking about.  


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