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My Life Update 

Hey y’all.  I know it’s been gone for a while. I’m still trying to find a way to balance my life with a full time job

And blogging  but I know that it can be done.

 I just have to find that balance. I also feel like I don’t have much to blog about Because all I do it WORK. 
I have been trying to workout. Trust it has been a REAL struggle. Yes the struggle is so real. I’m have a huge battle between working out and eating healthy. But when I do get in a workout I take lots of pics lol. 

I have also been eating healthy. Or I’m trying to eat better lol. It’s hard at time when all you have around you is fast food.

See yall it’s not All bad. It’s getting there.

I have also been working on a different type of body splits.  This is my current body split.

I’m doing this body split for 8 weeks and see where it goes. Give it up to me for STILL being on week one. 

I’m also trying to get some camp time in there. As you know I’m not going to camp this summer. I have found a way to get some camp time in. That way would be helping with the bus. 

That my lil babies going to camp all by themselves for the first time. They come back home tomorrow so you might see a post about it sat. 

I’m also trying to learn how to use my Final Cut Pro so that I can make some new videos. 

If you know a quick way for me to learn. Please let me know. 

I’m also moving back to Georgia soon. 

No date just yet trust , it will be soon. With high hopes of getting our first home together. 

Yes with all things. It does take time and lots of patience which my love does not have lol. No shade at all but love you have none at all.  

Question: Is it better to get a house move in ready OR a fixer upper??? 

I just have been really tired lately. I feel like I don’t have enough Hours in a day. I have also been doing a lot of listening to books a lot lately. 

 These are some of the books I have been listening to on the way to work as well as when I’m working out.

Well that’s my life update for the moment. 


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