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Smile & Pose For The Camera 📸💁🏽

Hey  loves. I’m back with a Un official unboxing blog… Well it’s not really because it wasn’t sent to me. I went to Best Buy and got this product. It just happens to be in boxes…. So there you go.

Let’s get started.

Say hello to my new little buddies.

You guys don’t know how excited I am for this. Let me just get it over with I got a CAMERA 📸😍📸😊📸🙋🏽


I’m going to start Vlogging.  Then again I don’t even know how I’m going to do that when  I can’t even put up  a blog post. Ya girl loves a good  challenge. I  can try right?  I like to thanks my mom for the ” I can do it all” attitude.    She is the best at it and she makes it looks easy.

Speaking of a good challenge. I got a tripod so I can do all the awesome challenges  I see  on  YouTube.


pic for the tripod



I love this because I can use it in my hand or I can just put my camera on it and you know set it and forget it lol. I love the different ways to use. I can use it as a stand or in my hand for vlogging as oppose to challenges or sit downs.


I also got a 64Gb member card.  Y’all should know what that is for.


pic of 64gb


Yes, that’s all I really wanted to share my last BIG purchase  with you guys till it’s time for me to move.


I’m really excited  to get this new chapter started. I’m also excited to see where it takes me .

pic of me and my camera



  • Learn how to edit on Final Cut Pro


  • Find  a good song or beat for my into/outro music


  • How I want the intro to look and how  I want the outro to look
  • [



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