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Life Update & YouTube Challenges 

Hey guys and welcome back to the blog.

I have been working on learning how to edit my videos for my Youtube Channel.

 I told you I would start… Yes I  did it you guys. Ya girl has a YouTube Channel. PLEASE go and support me. It would mean the world to me.  I’m also willing to take any video suggestions you might have.  Topics or any cool challenges I should try out. The link will be below.

My Youtube Channel :

Like I  said I have been doing more and more videos and learning how to edit. The one thing that I’m excited about is doing the challenges. The one down side is that I have no one to really do them with lol. My family isn’t really into doing them…well not all of them. My nephew King on the other hand is down for what ever lol.

My lil Chunkster who is a tad bit over the top at times. He is always willing to do some challenges with me. I wanted to start something on my channel called challenges with the king. Still working on the name. In these videos we tweak some of the adult challenges so I can do it with my nephew. You know make them more kid friendly.  Here are some of the challenges we did so far. If it’s on my channel I will link the video  below. 

The Bean Boozled Challenge: Family Edition  thumbnail bean boozled challenge

Link :

Hot Cheetos & Takis Challenge:

The Hot Cheetos & Takis Challenge .JPG

                                  And the 

Takis Challenge:

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

The Gross Soda Challenge:

The next challenge will be the Wet Head Challenge.

I wanted to do something with King for back to school .  Nothing better than a Back 2 School  Wet Head Edition challenge… Right??

I’m also trying to do  a Sister Tag : Wet Head Edition. 

That should be very fun.the one thing that is driving me crazy in this process of making videos and editing them is the fact that I  had to send them to my phone, then to my email and then I would be able to edit it. It wouldn’t take my Memory card. I defiantly need to find a way that I can move them from my camera to my laptop. I  have also been looking for apartments here in Cali. He  has been looking for some lofts and condos out there in Ga.  We have also been talking more and more about getting a house.. I know  thats going to be a crazy journey but I’m excited.

Well this is a short blog post this week. Really miss talking to you guys even if its just a mini check in. Soon you’ll be able to watch my Vlogs and more of my Challenges on my Youtube Channel.  please come out and support me on this new adventure. It would mean the world to me. Please comment , like and subscribe and if you love it share it. 

By loves. 


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