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Monthly Favs : August πŸ˜

Whats up Loves??

I haven’t done a monthly favorite in a min so I thought I would do one for the month of August.  These are the things that I LOVED in the month of August.


My camera: Canon Power Shot G7X

You guys this camera is amazing. It takes really good photos and videos.

Nutri Bullet

I love my Nutri Bullet. I make lots and lots of smoothies  after iI come home from work and on my days off… so  I make one about every day lol.

My Spin For Perfect Skin Brush

I love my Spin Brush. I got it in the color Lucite Green. I got it from Vanity Planet.  It comes with 3 brush heads and a stone that you could use on your feet although I havent used that one yet.

My Coffee/ Tea Cup

I got this from Starbucks for about $30 dollars. Every morning..when I remember to drink it lol. I love this cup it keeps my drink hot.

Fit Tea

This Tea is reallly good. Fit Tea is what I like to drink when I start working out.. I dink it in the morning and workout at night. You can also drink it before your workout, but I like to drink it when I wake up to help me perk up.

My Patrick Sweater

Yes I’m still a kid at heart. I love me some Sponge Bob Square Pants.  Patrick is my favorite characters from the show. When I want to get cozy I grab this sweater.

My Music

I love music and I have been finding lots of good music lately.I will be doing  A Music Replay for August and I’m also doing  a 90’S Music Replay soon so look out dfor that.

My work Vest

This is my work vest. This keeps me warm when they try to kill me with the AC LOL. I really dont know what it is with them and the damn AC. Its always cold in my store  almost all of august I was freezing my buns off  ,but not anymore thanks to this vest . Now if I could paid it with my patrick sweater I would be in heaven.

Clean & Clear Cleanser

This is one of my  go to facial cleanser. The Morning  Burst Facial beads  burts when you wash your face. Giving your face a great boost of energy to help you wake up. The Night Relaxing Deep Cleaning face wash. I use this to help me wind down when I come home after a long day at work. I t helps me relax and go to sleep.

My Necklaces
These are my 2 favorite neclaces . I  got the Cali one when I got home.  I had a gold one.. I lost that one then I got a new one.  The cross necklace I got when I was having negative thoughts at work and about my performance. I got it to keep my faith and that it would get better in time. my sales got much better.

My Gym Ben full of gym clothes

Yes..My names is Ayo and I have a problem.. Ya girl loves to get some gym gear. This is where I keep all of my things because my closet is super duper small. Im trying to do a gym haul on my fitness blog but i havent had time or the room to my self to get that done.

Jumbo Hair Ties 

This is the jumbo hair ties that I found and It was like music sang out from the heaven when I found them. I have too much hair for the smaller bands to go around twise without braking. Super happy I found these.


This is my  search engine. I love that I can do my work and still get in some tv time. I love the fact that I can do both.

My Books 😍😍😍

I love to read books. I love my self help books as well.  I just love to read and get the knowledge that the self help books dish out. If you havent read any self help books I suggest you dive right will help your life. Even if you feel like your life is PERFECT.

My Mophie Case

I love this case. I am forever leaving my Iphone charger at the house and this is the solution for me. Puting a charging case on my phone. It gives me 2 full charges. When I get home I still have a half charge left. So if your life me this is a life saver.

Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette 

This ish right here is BOMB. I love this salad dressing. Its light and sweet just like I love it.

Jamaican Mango & Lime: Black Castro Oil

i love this stuff right here. I use this every night on my eyebrows and my lashes. I’m trying to grow them out  just like I grow them out before.

Olly : Restful Sleep

I have a hard time getting to sleep from time to time. I was on the look out for a new sleeping aid and I came up with this. This one does the job. I wake up nice,rested and reasdy to take on the day.

Be-Beautiful Hair,Skin and Nails 

I havent been taking these pills for that long just in the month of August. I havent seen any diffreance in my skin. My nails and hair I have seen a huge diffrence. My nails have grown ALOT.


L.R.Rice Raw and Unfiltered Honey 

This is my all time favorite. I just love that its 100% PURE  and its not too sweet.

ARI  by Ariana Grande

I just love the way she did her bottel. I love the white puff she added. Great  packaging.

One of my Customers got thsi for me as a gift for helping there mom with here bill. I love the was this smeels and its light, fresh and very safistacated.


Suger Crush Body Spray

love this Body Spray. Its light,refreshing. Its smeels like lime and lemon.

The 5 Min Journal

I love this journal. I like that I can add a photo to every entry.  for the day entry is asks me  what am I greatful for, what would make my day great and daily affirmation 

For the night entry it asks me. Amazing things  that happend today, how could I have made today even better. 

I love how doing this every day & night make me thing positive. Now I have only been doing it for about a week , but I feel amazing.


Well thats all for My Monthly Favorite for the month of August.  I hope you liked this post. As always please Like ,Comment and Subscribe to my blog.

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