Replay Of The Week

Replay Of The Month: August 🎧🎧

Majestic Chapter 3

• Ongoing Thing

•The Night 

Fifth Harmony 

• Work From Home

• The Life

•Gonna Be Better


All of his albums. They are amazing. They are so different 


• I Wrote This Song

• My Everything 

•With You

•Before You Walk Out of My Life

•Why I Love You So Much 

•One In A Lifetime

•Everything To Me

• Superman

•Love All Over Me


• Cars That Go Boom

•Grab It

•Cutie Pie




Jeremy Passion

•Greater Is He 


•This Ant’t The Way 

•Well Done 



•Oh Vienna 

•Paper Airplane 

•As Long As You Wait For Me

•We Can 


•Say It

•Wall Fuck

•When Everything Was New

•You Know

•Take A Chance

•Like Water


•Tiny Cities

Justin Bieber

• Heartbraker

•Hold Tight

•Change Me


•What Hatnin’

Frank Ocean

I have been waiting for him to come out with a new album and he did and I’m so excited I have been playing it non stop. Love it hands down.

Briana Babineaux

•I’ll Be The One

•My Everything

•Love You Forever

•Set A Fire

Drew Anthuny

•Marry Me

•Come Get It

•Last Loving Breed

•Precious Time

Full Crate X Mar

•Nobody Else


•Save My Soul

•Say Love 

Pia Mia


•Lost &Found

•Shotgun Love

Stacy Barthe 

• Extraordinary Love 

Troye Sivan




I fell in love with this song at the end of my favorite series on Netflix called The Following. If you haven’t watched the show…. Go you will fall in love with it. 
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