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Day Off With My Mom❤

 Hey & welcome back to the blog.

Today was day one of my days off. this week I have both days off back to back. I’m happy for that because I get to work on the launch day of the iPhone 7.  We also have the watch at AT&T now so I’m happy about that.

Are you ready for the iPhone 7 launch?

Are you even into the iPhone??   Me personally I love my iPhone and my Apple products. I have both the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and the Apple Mac Book. You know where my heart is.

Back to my day off. Today started off with drama. My sister and I kinda got into it. I’m happy that it didn’t turn my whole day off. I just have a bad taste in my mouth about the subject.



Coat: My distressed denim vest

Top: My RUN DMC t-shirt

I always seem to wear workout gear on my days off in hopes of me getting a workout in. It works half the time lol.

Bottom: My dark grey sweats.

The one thing that I love about these is the Non existing pocket.. Yeah that huge one lol. I can put my keys, cell and chapstick in there so the gym

Shoes: My lovely black flip flops

We had a blast today just the 2 Ayo’s.  My mom is on vacation from work and I had the day off. We had a day of pampering and relaxing.

We got our nails and our feet done. My mom got the deluxe Mani Pedi. I got the deluxe Pedicure and a Gel set.

We also got Full body massages right next door to the nail shop. We got an hour massage for $45 plus a $5 tip. It was a great masage. .

I zoned out for that hour. I went on Spotify, popped in my ear buds ,focused on my breathing and I was out in 5 mins.
Then we went to get something to eat. After much deliberation…We settled on 4 Lobster Tails for the both of us to eat. Well that was the end of our da. Till tomorrow loves.
Tomorrow it’s SHOPPING!!!!!!!

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