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🎉⌚️2016 iPhone 7 Launch📱🎉


Yesterday was the iPhone 7 launch along with the Apple watch. First I had to wake up at 6am to get there by 7:30. Yes  the girl who gets NO SLEEP had to get up at 6am and work a 7:30am-10pm shift. That was my first Apple product launch working with the company. I have seen many and heard of the stories of people waiting in line for weeks trying to be the first to get said product(s). My co workers  have been talking about how it was during the launch for the iPhone 6. They made it seem like it would be…

1. A huge line.

2.Crazy customers.

3. Hella busy in the morning.

4. Customers only coming to get the iPhone 7.

5. That we would be out of iPhones with in the 2 hour mark.


NOPE… none of that. We did have a customer that was parked in front of our store for a week. Just to be the first person in the line. We didn’t have that many people in the line. It was more like a handful of customers. It wasn’t busy Like I was hoping it would be in the morning. Although it was extremely busy after 6. I always say why would you wait till the last min to come into a store when you  the store is about to close and you got hella questions and you want to do the most??

Now don’t get me wrong I love it when I make the sale. Although it does get on my nerves when they are coming in late and then want the world like we JUST opened. 

Yes they came into the store to get the iPhone7 but we were still able to get other some other phones out. Yes were still dealing with the Note7 Recall. The only down side is that we didn’t have the iPhone 7 pluses. We had to do a lot of DFs for customers which means that we order the phone in store and get it sent to their homes.

so what did my day look like as far as sales??

I got 2/3 Upgrades

1 Tablet

1 Samsung Gear Watch

$115 in Accessories $83.75 in Protection

I also got 2 Trade Ins.

it was a great day for a iPhone Launch.only 2 more days to go.


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