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Vacation To Miami πŸŒ΄

Welcome back to Blogathon.


I just took my Very first vacation with mi Oso 🐻.  We had a blast.

We went down to get a new car πŸš—. I thought it was going to be another car which was going to be mines. Lets just say we went another way and the car that we got is his car lol. 

It’s in very good condition. He feel in love with it right away. I have to admit it’s pretty damn nice.  

Miami was the best. It was also a much needed vacation for both my and my boyfriend.

He loved showing me where he grew up. Showing me what schools he went to. I loved seeing the smile on his face ever time he would tell me a story.

We went to the beach late at night on our first night there. It was really romantic. It was just us and the beach 🌊 .

Sorry that it’s so dark it was at night. We did go back the next day and it was beautiful. ​


See I told you. It’s beautiful right?? Now I’m always cold.. like ALWAYS. In Florida I was never cold. The weather was so nice out there. It did rain off and on every now  & then. 

We went to go get his hair cute from a guy that cute his hair when he was a lil boy. 

His hair looked amazing.

I had so much fun in Miami. We might even be moving down there. We already found a place down there and everything. We just have to find jobs down there and I need to go back to school. 

I just wish we had more time to be down there. But he had to go back to work in Ga. 

Here are some more photos and. Videos of out vacation. 

Hope you like it. β€‹


Well That’s it for this post. Hope you like Day 2 of the Blogathon.
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