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Going Back To Cali ✈️ : OOTD #22

Hey & welcome to the last day of my Blogathon. Now here comes the real challenge. Seeing if I can keep my promise to keep blogging with the goal of 1-2 post a week. 

Lets get started. Like the title says this is another OOTD #22. 

When flying on a plane it’s a must to be warm and cozy. 

                                  My scarf 

I gotta have a warm scarf and beanie when I’m on the plane ✈️. Im not trying to get sick. I’m also going right to work at 9:30 am Monday morning.

                                    My Top

I love this Sweater. It’s really nice,cozy and it’s large so it’s long on me. Even with the shoulders cut out its still warm.

                                 My Coat

Its an over sized army green coat. I like that it has a lot of pockets. I don’t know what it is about army green… idk I have been loving it lately. Plus it matches my carry on. 

If you haven’t seen my first What’s In My Bag: Carry On. Checkout the link below and give it a look. 

What’s In my Bag #1 : Carry On ✈️💺…
                                  My Pants

I went with jeans this time around instead of leggings. I love the distress jean details. I just wish they had it on both knees. They are super comfy. The one thing that I don’t like about them is the fact that they are LOW WAIST Jeans. I hate them.. lol there just not the right type of jeans for me lol. I should have looked at what type of jeans they are. Next time.

                                  My Shoes

I wanted to wear something that I can just kick off and slip back on when going on the plane. I opted for my nice fuzzy slippers. 

                  Ready for my flight.

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