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What’s In my Bag #1 : Carry On βœˆοΈπŸ’Ί

As I make my way back home to California. I thought I might give you a lil peek into what I have in my bag. Now I don’t have much in my bag like when I started, but  that’s a good thing right?? 

This is my bag that I went with this time around. I normally would go with a purse, but it was raining. That being said army green bag it was. 

I got my bag and all the things that are here in the post from my favorite place Target.  I got my Blog book here in Georgia.

It has two small pockets in the front. That’s where I keep things like…​


  • Keys
  • Perfume 
  • Kleenex
  • Beat Heaphones
  • Chapstick
  • Hair ties

This is the inside of the bag. This is where I keep all of my big items.  

Keep in mind that I was gone for 2 weeks. It was a lot more in here when I left on my vacation. ​​


As you can see I have all of my books. 

  • To Do Bullet Journal
  • Blog Book
  • Calendar


 I also have Wet Ones in my bag as well. I had to get another pac because I use them all. 

Let me tell you I wipe down everything on the plane when I get to my seat. I don’t like to be sick.  

I also like to bring facial cleaning wipes. To clean my face when I get off of the plane. 

Just in case I want to freshen up my make up.

I like to keep an emergency bag in my carry on. With all of my feminine products and other stuff.​

​ It’s better safe than sorry. I love this bag bag. I thought it was just one huge bag with 2 ways of opening it, but it has 2 different parts. 

                                       Side A β€‹


Is my emergency side where I keep all of my feminine products, but as you can see I  only have my lotion, Toothbrush and toothpaste. 

I like to keep hand lotion with me while I’m on the plane to keep them nice and hydrated. It smells so good. You know you don’t want your breath to be stank when you get to where your going.

                                      Side B​


This side is the wallet side. For some reason  I have some cough drops and Lysol in this part….LIFE

I have my ID, my cards, glasses & yes 2 different chap sticks.

This is the inside zip pocket.​


This is what I have in this part…​​


I have 3 phones. 

I have my highlighters  & sharpies.

I also have money and my ATM savings card.  I will be putting that in my wallet. I also have back up phone and case chargers.

Now this last item I have in the from inside pockets is ALWAYS a must for this girl.​


Yes it’s gum lol


Yes I need to have gum with me at all times. I need it so that my ears don’t hurt when the plan takes off or when it lands.altho it didn’t really happen on my way to Georgia or Miami.

Well that’s is for Day 5 for My Blogathon. Tomorrow is the last day. I hope you enjoyed this. 

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