My Day · Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

NASA OOTD #23 + My Day.

Hey guys. I know it’s  late in the week. I have been so busy with work. I haven’t forgotten my promise to blog more. 

I’m going to tell you about My day and show you my OOTD. 

Lol my lil brother said “now that’s something my big sister would wear”. He also loved the sweater. I think it’s pretty cool 2. 

I didn’t really do much for my makeup. Lol I never really do much anyway because I really don’t know what I’m doing. Light and natural is my go to. 

I got this sweater from Target lol. I swear I live there lol. 
                            Top/ sweater 

I got this from Target when I was getting hella sweater. This caught my eye tough lol. I had to get it. 

It was still a rainy day so I had a shirt underneath with was a nice grey airy Mickey Mouse. 


I don’t know what it is but I love me some Minnie and Mickey.

I paired it with my new jeans with the distressed knee. 


I need to find some more jeans like this. I just love them. 

I paired it with these shoes. To match with the red in my sweater. 


I also went with simple accessories for this outfit.I wanted to keep the focus on my NASA Sweater.

                         My accessories 

I got them from my trip to Ga. I forgot that I loved hoops. The one thing I don’t like here is that they aren’t closed hoops. I would move my hair and end up almost pulling them out. Can you imagine being at work and doing that. Yes it’s very painful.


I like this necklace because it’s gold and it has an “A” on it. I really want to find a place where I could have my whole name on a gold bar like this.


This is my favorite ring πŸ’. I always wear This ring. 


Well that was my outfit for the day. 


That was the OOTD.  I also had the chance to go see my mom’s play Mama at Twilight. She wrote and directed it. ​


It was a really good play. This was her set for the play. It was an amazing play. The actors did an amazing job. Well that’s it for this post. 

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Hope you enjoyed. 


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