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Target Haul

Hey there.

 I’m here with my favorite thing to do on my blog… well one of my favorites. As you can see from the title this is another Target haul.

I live in TARGET. I should have a room there.This time they were moving everything around. They were adding new products. Its like I went on vacation and target got a facelift lol

Its like going to summer camp all summer. Your all ready to come home only to find that they moved without you.  Thanks target for making me feel this way lol.

Starting with my favorite product in this haul.I have always wanted this perticular product, but I was never willing to go to Ulta because it was really far from me. Ulta had some things that were a lil bit too rich for my blood so I was happy to see them at target.

When I saw them at target I almost lost my ish lol. I literally wanted to dump ALL of the products in my cart. It was a good thing that I had to be at work in 30 min . That stopped me really quick.

Soap & Glory:

Clean On Me & The Righteous Butter Body lotion. It smells really good, the scent last a long time especially if you layer them.

This Sugar Crush yall… This Sugar Crush is the bomb. Its my favorite scent from Soap&Glory.  Its like a margarita for you body. If I could eat this and not get sick I would lol but I know better.  A girl can dream right?

It smells of all the lime and sugar in the world.  I also got the body lotion. I love to layer the scents so that they can last a lib bit longer.

I got “The Scrub of Your Life” I can’t wait to use this but I kinda want to wait till my others are done first lol. Is that weired??

I love this to pieces. Hand Food is such an amazing hand cream. It makes your hands go from hard, rough unloved hands to soft hands that get a lot of love.

I also have the “Heel Genius”  That I have tried last night. All you have to do put some on your feet after your shower or bath, then put on some nice clean socks, go to sleep wake up to nice soft feet.

As you can see I have back up of my favorite ones like the Flake Away,Sugar Crush Body Cream,Sugar Crush Body Scrub( L.I.F.E) last but not least the Righteous Body Butter.

All of the products smells A-MAZE-BALLZ


You should already know that this one is my favorite one. I wish I had smell-a-vision so you can catch this life its giving me.

This is a new body scrub that I can’t wait to try. I love everything about grapefruit. I hope that Mayfair Sugar Scrub will be a great product for me.

My next product is Witch Hazel. It’s by  Thayers Natural Remedies.


I love this products. I use it for my toner for my face in the morning & night. I have been using the Rose Petal one for the moment. It has helped to keep my skin nice. It also helps to get me up in the morning. I can’t wait to try out the Lavender one.. I kinda want to go and get another spray bottle and use that one at night to see if it will help with my sleeping.

I have 3 thing I use in the showers. First my pink Loofa, My long purple brush to get my back yes because these arms don’t reach back to far lol. Then there is my show brush the I use for my legs and feet.

I have feel in love with the Clean & Clear face wipes. The white pack is what I use in the morning as soon as I wake up just to give me a mental wake up and pre face wash till I get out of bed for my real morning routine. The ombrΓ© blue pack I use when I get home to take off my make up just to give my face a brake. Then I unwind and then do my night routine.

Now the last little bit are just some randoms that I have to try or re up on.

I have been hearing so many things about this mascara. I had to get this product and give it a try.

Clean & Clear pimple gel is the product that I can’t live without.  

I love this lotion. It smells amazing. It’s Very moisturizing. 

I also have Tooth brush  covers. I use them at work and at home because you never know.

Well thats all for this post I hope you liked it. Until next time love.

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