life Update

Hey guys i just wanted to give you guys a life update.


if you follow my fitness blog you would know that i started working out with the goal of working out all month.

if you dont follow my other blog here is the name. please go and support that blog.


That has been such a fun j0urney so far. Its something that i would like to get  more into. i would really llike to become a personal trainnrer . I have been working out with my friends and that hass been really fun and funny. some of them dont like working out with me lol i guess i do too much when i workout. i dont tghink its that much lol.

I have also started to workout in the mornings which i would have NEVER done in the past, but i love it



its been going .  im still having problems in my entertainments but im killing the game in Assories and my customers are loving me. I have the best customers in my store. I have even adopted one as my grand mother lol i call her my Glam Ma.  she is crazy and fun. Its always a blast to have her in the store.

there is my sister and her hubs and her 2 kids. they are supper fun and funny.. and some what crazy.

i have athis guy that come in almost every day for his samsung watch and he always says ” I should have gotten the apple watch” lol

i have a customer that comes in and talks to me like he is from the fat ablurt cartoon.  He tries to teach me every time but i can never remember



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