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My Life Update

Hey, guys I just wanted to give you guys a life update.


If you follow my fitness blog you would know that I started working out with the goal of working out all month.
if you don’t follow my other blog here is the name. please go and support that blog.

That has been such a fun journey so far. It is something that I would like to get more into. I would really like to become a personal trainer. I have been working out with my friends and that has been really fun and funny. some of them don’t like working out with me lol I guess I do too much when I workout. I don’t think it’s that much lol.
I have also started to workout in the mornings which I would have NEVER done in the past, but I love it


It’s been going.  I’m still having problems in my entertainments but I’m killing the game in accessories and my customers are loving me. I have the best customers in my store. I have even adopted one as my grandmother. I call her my Glam-Ma.  she is crazy and fun. It is always a blast to have her in the store.
Then it’s my sister and her hubs and her 2 kids. they are super fun and funny.. and somewhat crazy.
I have this guy that come in almost every day for his Samsung watch. He sees me and he always says ” I should have gotten the apple watch” lol
I have a customer that comes in and talks to me like he is from the fat Albert cartoon.  He tries to teach me every time but I can never remember

Love & Relationships:

Well as you know I’m back with my boyfriend. We are still rocking and rolling with the long distance love thing. It actual helping us. Lol, I feel like we talk things out more. I’m laughing because we fight and after some time I let him calm down. Then were back at it 5 mins later like it never happened. Look relationships have their ups and down, there are fights for some couples it’s a lot and for some, it’s every blue moon. we have worked thru so many things and yes were still working its never going to be perfect, but I’m not really looking for that I ‘m just looking for something real something to grow thru all of the ups and downs and I have that with my boyfriend.


I wanted to hang out with friends a build different bonds with them. I have done that and I’m so happy I have been hanging out with people from work. .We have been going to the gym nonstop we have gone out to for food and movies. Little things like that. I have some pretty cool people at work.

Social Media:

I wanted to get more into my social media. I’m doing okay with it I just need to work on getting more into it. lately, I have been working out more and I have been doing more post on it. I don’t want it to be just of fitness stuff, but that’s what I’m doing at the moments.

I actually want to do more posting on my youtube channel. I really want to make that into something. I know I just have to do more work on it.

Personal Growth:

I have been doing a lot of reading lately or should I say listening to the books on Audible. My current books are as followed.
1. How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci By Michael J. Gelb
2. The Power of Broke By Daniel Paisner, Daymond John
3.The Kite Rider By Geraldine McCaughrean
4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen R. Covey
5. Men Don’t Love Women Like You By G.L. Lambert
Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you liked it


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