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Life update & Oh Happy Easter ðŸ¥š

Hey blog world,
Your girl is back. I feel like I keep saying that. I do keep saying that. I don’t know why, but I keep getting the START & STOP sickness. Sounds crazy, but that’s just what it is lol a disease. It’s most defiantly than my blogging in Ga. When I had no job, so I was working on me, blog and living life. Now that I’m home, I have a full-time job with no time to blog or time to myself to come up with ideas to post.

You can call it blogger’s block.cropped-img_1028.jpg Let me just give you a life review.

We had to let a manager. Kwesi was the one to go. They had to move things around. What was the word that they use??
Oh yeah, now I remember now it was a “Surplus.” So they let him and others go to bring in other managers from different stores. We got this girl named Chelsie. She was a sweet girl. We had her for a week or so. Then they changed the manager AGAIN… crazy right???

Yesterday was fun. Our store had a competition Boys again Girls. We were trying to see who can get the most Tabs, Wired, and accessories. Winners got to go home 30 mins early.

Well the BOYS won.. to be honest the girls didn’t have a change lol we tried tho. The boys had more Spanish speakers than we did. We did come close towards the end of the day. Needless to say that we all stayed at work. We ended the day as a team.
I made such an improvement. Yall I was in the bottom this last month. Now I’m in the top 5. I have to get my opps up. I have to work on protection and accessories. I should be good after those get boosted. Just hard work all around.

I have been doing a lot of reading, journaling and meditating trying to grow. Mentally, Physically and spiritually. I have been reading How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci by Michael J. Gelb blog with reading and doing the workbook by the same author
This book gives you Seven Steps to Genius every day. The 7 step are in Italian. Which is greatI want to learn how to speak Italian. Having a book with tips on learning a language helps me out.

1. Cuiosità
2. Dimostrazione
3. Sensazione
4. Sfumato
5. Arte/Scienza
6. Corporalita
7. Connessione

I have also been writing in my journal. I have six different sections that I can do entries for whenever I feel the need. I need to get better at keeping it with me so that when I feel the urge to put pen to paper, I’m set to go. My topics I choose to journal on is…

Page 1 is My page of Quotes. Things that stand out for the year or “2017.”
Page 2 is My Biggest Lessons for “2017” Things I can learn from for the next year.

Let’s get into the sections:

1. Book Notes: Whenever I read a book I try to jot down new words, concepts, ideas and or feelings about the reading.
2. Brain Dumps: Do I need to say what this is? I use this as my stress relief, a place to get things off of my mind so I can sleep.
3. Video & Online Notes: Things to try, things that I can learn from, things to look up, things to buy and video ideas.
4. Notes to GOD: This is where I give ALL of my worries.. when I start to freak out, starting to compare myself, start to get the green eye, when I want to ask for anything like patience, love, forgiveness and tons of another thing.
5. Gratitude Logs: Here is where I Give thanks to all the things I have in my life. Things that are materialistic and things that are not that most people take advantage of like LIFE, HANDS, FEET, HEART, LUNGS, EYE SIGHT, HEARING, SPEAKING, WALKING BREATHING, FOOD AND TOUCH just to name a few

6. BoutThatFitness ( Which is the name of my fitness blog): Anything Fitness related. Workouts that I want to try out with friends from work. I guess I can put my blog ideas in this section.

I’m using this to see how I have changed and also to see what I can improve on for the next year.

I haven’t done another workout from the program just yet. It felt like I don’t have enough space to myself to do it in this house. Bringing it to the gym is a NO. Why I don’t know other than the fact that it would have to carried with me around the gym and that doesn’t seem fun.

It’s a must that I get back into the program because it made your girl sweat.Getting into the gym with friends from work has been a great way to stay active. Going alone is such a downer for me. I’m also working on trying different workouts, work on various body parts. The reason for the last section in my “2017” journal is so that I don’t forget the exercise that I want to try out. Trying to change this body, but for good lol. With nothing, but HARD WORK.

Another fun fact, If you can even call it that. My phone is dead. It was a sad thing to see it go. I’m so happy because I have another phone to use. That’s always fun when that happens.

I want to wish a Happy Easter to you and yours. I hope you guys enjoyed your day.

I hope you like this post. If you have any topic, you want to see let me know. You might see it in my next blog post.

Later gators.

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