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I did it. I did it..Ya girl did it

Man the power of writing things down, having faith, not doubting your knowledge & prayers can do wonders. I’m super happy right now you guys.
I just want to fucking scream.


Happy dances on deck lol coming out every 10 to 15 secs as needed.
You guys don’t know how excited I am for this new chapter in my life. I know I’m 28, and ya girl should have it already, but I don’t, and now I’m well on my way to getting it soon. Having this opens the door for me to get something else.
With things like this, I can do some much stuff. It also makes me one step closer to moving back Ga. Getting my car and working on other things.
Wait I never told you what I got. I got my Permit, so that’s going to let me get practice and soon I’m going to be passing my Driver’s test… yes you heard it here first… I’m passing that ish 2.

Never be ashamed of where YOU are in life and never compare you start up with someone’s finish line.

I Think this is the end of this blog I just wanted to share the news with my blog family.


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