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Hey, Lifers welcome back to the blog.
A lot has happened from the time of my last post till now.
One of the major things that I had on my wish list for a minute can now be taken off. I wanted to get a small dog, and I have it now. img_0166-1 img_0182-1I’m so happy and beyond blessed to have my Pup JRock. I know he is going to teach me a lot of things.


“Love at first sight” -JRock 

Hi. As you might know, I’m JRock 🐶. I’m here to talk about… well me Duhhhh.

Well above is a picture of my handsome self. Yes, all the girls at my mom’s job LOVE ME. My mom didn’t know she would fall in love with me.


Me and mommy 

When she saw me, I knew it was over. What can I say it was love at first sight. 5/28/17 was the day I meet my mom.

Pic of JRock

So let me tell you about me. I was born on March 22nd. So that makes me. Wait let me count my paws🐾. Oh yeah, three months or so..right?

I’m a Chihuahua and Terrier Mix. img_0168-1img_0167

I’m very spoiled because I love hugs, kissed and I always want attention. If I had it my way, mommy and I would play all day.
I cry when I’m left alone, so mommy has to get me. I get to be in her work pouch while she works and help customers.


How cute am I in her pouch?


I love it when I’m in her bag because of its warmth, it next to my mommy. I get head rubs till iI fall asleep.img_0161-1 I  loving the fact that she lets me watch tv so that I can go to sleep here is a pic of me watching tv.

Sometimes I hang out in the back with Miss Susie and listen to music. Or am just chilling with my mommies co-workers.
I also love the managers that let me be with my mama on the floor. Because I’m a baby and I need my mom. One of the managers is my God mom her name is Mama Brit. Here is our pictureimg_0148-1
She is awesome she danced when mom told her I could go home with her.
Video of mama Brit dancing.

Things I like to do at the moment.

*be around mommy
*eat and drink water
*go to the bathroom…A lot
*Lay down in my water bowl no matter how many times mom says “that’s not what it’s for rock.”
*spilling my food and water all over the place
*playing with my Blue Ball
*watching tv
*listening to music well that’s it for this blog post make sure you like to comment and subscribe to my mom’s blogs and all social media

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