Drug Store Finds


Hey, I’m trying out some drugstore products, and I thought why not put it on here and give my review.
Today we did some shopping with my mom, my sister and her daughter. We stopped by CVS. I have never seen any of these products in CVS plus I like to try new things and see what works for me. I also went to my favorite Spot…yes you guessed it TARGET lol and then we made a quick stop by Ross to get some things I got nothing but .. well you will see some of what I got there and the other stuff will be on my Fitness blog BoutThatFitness.



Remington Shaver
I have been looking for a new shaver, and I saw this one. I love the fact that it has three blades for a close shave. Flexing trimmers. The fact it charges is a plus, so it’s no more tossing them and getting more. Its 100% waterproof this bad boy can go anywhere with me.



Enlite Super Face Product are the new Face product that I can’t wait to try out.

Scrub +Glow: Facial Microdermabrasion

img_0110First off it’s a scrub and a glow face wash in one. It said that it brings a fresh, healthy glow to your complexion.
This scrub + glow mask has:
Lactic Acid +
Chamomile +
Vitamins A, C,+E
It helps with skin issues like
Skin discoloration
Dead Skins Cells
Fine Lines

Clay Time: Purifying Deep Cleaning Treatment Mask
I love a good face mask. I wish I could try them all. It is something about coming home and ending your day with a mud mask or a mask period. It’s relaxing to me. This clay mask has:
Active Charcoal+
* It helps purify, and it gives the skin a deep clean
Glycolic Acid+
*This helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin.
Eucalyptus Oil +
* This contributes to the process of cooling down stressed out skin.
Colloidal Oatmeal helps to give this the complete the Triple C Package Clean, Clear and Calm healthier looking skin.

Spot Eraser: Target Hyperpigmentation Potion
I’m excited to try this product because I only have spot treatments for some of the acne that I get but not for dark spots. This spot treatment has
Kojic Acid+
Licorice Extract +
Vitamin C
This powerhouse helps to even out the skin tone by brightening up the appearance of age spots, acne marks, and hyperpigmentation.

Night Brite: Brightening Sleep Mask
I have never tried a sleep mask, so I’m excited about this sleep mask. This sleep mask has:
Vitamin C +
Bearberry Leaf Extract+
Vitamin A
This product cocktail reduces the look of dark spots that may be more stubborn than others along with hyperpigmentation all while you’re getting Zzzz’s.

all of the product from Enlite Super Face listed above have no parabens, no Sulfates and it’s not Animal Tested.

I don’t have much to show you from my trip to Ross because it will be on my other Blog: BoutThatFitness because I went a little crazy and tho I don’t need them. If you would like to see what pieces I got, check out the other blog. I did find something I was trying to get for a while without spending the amount that they had at Ulta.


the one body product I got from Ross.
Passion Fruit Daiquiri by Philosophy


Philosophy products are on point. They smell amazing. I wish I could make this into a scratch and sniff blog post so that you can see why I got 2. I hate that it’s the small bottles tho, but I can’t be sad or mad about that because I have them lol. This product can transform into a body wash, bubble bath, and shampoo. My only hope for this is that the smell last.


My happy place lol. I got some more of the Soap and Glory products.

The Fab Pore: Purifying Foam Cleanser

I got this because of its Soap and Glory, they make good products, and I love that it have Witch Hazel and it helps with Preshrink.

Beauty Sleep Accelerator: Night + Flight Moisture Miracle
I needed another night cream, and this was like “come and get me, Ayo” it’s a bonus that I can use this on my flights because I leave to Ga next month and this will come in handy.

Puffy Eye Attack: Turbo-Boost Hydragel

This product looks like its going to do good things in my life.
As some of you might know from another post that I can function off lol to no sleep at all lol thanks, insomnia lol but I wanted something that can help with dark under eye circles.

The last thing I got was also skin related. It’s also in almost all of the products that I have listed.
Vitamin E Oil
I like to add this to some of my lotions after my shower’s and baths just to give my skin a boost of Vitamin E.


Well, that’s it for this post. Let me know what you’re trying out.

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