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Lucky Vitamin🍀 Haul

I’m trying out some new company. This one is called Lucky Vitamin.  It’s a great place to get healthy food, vitamins and other things for yourself, family and other people. I love the pagaging that it came with because you catell that they did it with care. on the box it has diffrent saying s like:

img_0262” Spread the wellness”

” Eat what makes you feel good”

” Laugh often” “Work up a sweat”

” Keep chemicals off your counters keep chemicals off your kids”

” Tell your family, Tell your neighbors”

” Walk barefoot.” 

Then there is my favorite one because I do this often “Dance in your kitchen”


They are all about helping us get fit, eat healthier, switching to natural products or getting the right supplemental support for our bodies. With over 400,000 products to try out, I know that’s a lot, but I’m sure you will find something, you will love and tell all of your friends & family about this fantastic company. Just like I’m doing.

They have 20+ Departments to look through. Let me give you a few of my favorites.

Personal Care Beauty
Ya know I’m all about trying new products for my skin care. I can’t wait to try some of the stuff I saw on the site.


Food & Snacks
Ya girl is a snacker lol, and I’m trying to eat better but its hard at the moment but I’m working on it one bite at a time, and this site has TONS OF HEALTHY SNACKS to munch on so I’m thrilled.

Fitness & Nutrition
I’m trying to get Summer Time Fine out here. Taking the right things for your body can always help you get that perfect body you want. But I want to stress that loving your body the way it is and what it’s going to be after all that hard work, sweat and sometimes tears. It’s a tough lifestyle. I promise that it’s worth it.

Now that I told you to want I love about this fantastic company lets get into what I got.

I didn’t get that much stuff this time around because I didn’t need much but I know its a site that is on my favorites list.

Hey, Lucky Vitamin if your looking for a new ambassador let me know I would love to work with you guys.

Like I said I didn’t get much this time around but just new products that haven’t tried by me before and some that I have tried but are by a different company.


Yes, I’m bringing back my #JugLife.


I have been trying to find this type of gallon bottle, and Lucky Vitamin had it. You can say that got me hooked on the site.


I have seen blk. Premium Alkaline Water on vlogs here and there. Ya girl has been looking for this with no such luck. Guess who had it tho??? I can wait.
Yes, you guessed it Lucky Vitamin. I’m excited to try this. I told my sister I would give her some, but she might just have to go to the site to get her own lol.
I thought I got more than one bottle, but I guess I didn’t.

🤔Mental note. Go back to Lucky Vitamin when you want more.

img_0246Growing up on Fruit Leathers from the company Stretch Island as a kid. Finding some online that are healthy for you that are NON-GMO and Gluten Free is amazing, and it brings me right back to my childhood.

🤔Mental note. Go back to Lucky Vitamin when you want more.


The love of seaweed is real. Gotta have it sometimes 2-4 times a day lol. Yes, I have a problem. I saw the gimMe Organic Sea Salt roasted seaweed packs. Yes, this one came with more than one lol I had to make sure and was very happy when I was right. I’m not too salty. It’s Non-GMO that’s always a plus.

I’m most is excited about is the gimMe Organic Seaweed Chips w/ Brown Rice. Its sriracha flavor, so it will have a little kick to it. When I saw this, I was like YES I HAVE TO GET THIS. It has super ingredients that are all organic. It’s also gluten free who can ask for more.

Well, that’s it for this blog post I hope you like it because I’m super excited to try out my new items. Let me know what companies you are trying


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